Need help with making your sales pitch?

A sales pitch is a talk or presentation you give to potential customers to persuade them to buy your product or service.

Preparing and delivering a great sales pitch can:

1. increase your chances of getting the sale

2. help you build healthy relationships with your customers.

Try our top tips on how you can prepare an effective sales pitch for your business!

1. Know your customer

Making an effective sales pitch requires you to understand your customer, so you can use your product or service to address their needs. Before making your pitch, make sure you research your customer to find out what their needs are.

1. Review their business website and social media profiles to learn more about what they do.

2. Research how your product or service relates to their needs.

2. Pitch to the right person at the right time

Your sales pitch won’t work if you aren’t pitching it to the right person. When arranging the meeting, make sure you:

1. Meet with the person who understands their business and can make the decision to approve purchases.

2. Choose a time that is most convenient for them – this will increase your chances of having their full attention.

3. Schedule your appointment so there’s enough time to order or use your services before they need it. For example, if you’re pitching your florist services to a customer for an event, make sure you schedule the meeting early enough to arrange the order and delivery to the event.

If you’re not sure whether you’re speaking to the right person - ask your contact with the company to direct you. They’re usually happy to help as they don’t want their time wasted either!

3. Know your product

To make a great sales pitch you need to know your product inside out. While preparing your pitch, ask yourself these questions:

1. What will be useful to this client?

2. Why is your product different to others?

Also, be aware of any common questions or issues that are raised about your products or services, and prepare your answers for when they come up.

4. Make it different – every time

Your sales pitch should be different each time you deliver it, depending on who you are pitching to.

1. Don’t just give the same sales pitch to every customer – tailor it to your customer based on their needs.

2. Tell the story of your product and use simple and easy to understand language. Don’t use jargon that only you know!

3. Keep it short and sweet – if you haven’t captured their interest within a minute, they’re not likely to be interested the rest of the way.

5. Prepare well and present confidently

Make sure you are well prepared for your presentation. Don’t waste your customer’s and your own time by going in under prepared.

1. Get a friend or colleague to listen to your sales pitch and ask for their feedback.

2. Be confident – it’s difficult to convince someone to purchase from you when you aren’t confident presenting your products or services.

3. Present a professional image to your customer – consider who you’re presenting to and dress accordingly.

4. Arrive early and give yourself time to check your appearance, get a drink of water and most importantly, calm any nerves.

5. Ask questions so you can understand your customer’s needs better – not only will you learn more about them, they’ll also feel that you’re truly interested in helping them meet their needs.

6. Follow up

After your meeting it’s important to follow up with your potential customer and build on the relationship you’ve formed with them.

1. Send a follow-up email to the customer within 24 hours to thank them for the meeting, regardless of its outcome. If you made plans for next steps, getting a referral, or scheduling another meeting, include that in your email. If you offered to send them more information, make sure that you include it.

2. If your customer is interested, but hasn’t yet agreed to purchase, you may try other actions, like:

scheduling a follow-up meeting once they’ve had some time to think things over

offering them a trial period to use your product.

Above all, keep working at this relationship.

Remember - If the customer declines your product or service, and they don’t change their mind even after you negotiate with them, then you must respect their decision. Accept the rejection gracefully and thank them for their time.

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