How to make money when you’re not at work

The holiday period is a time when a lot of workplaces shut down and allow their staff to put their feet up and relax, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop bringing home the bread. If you’re the restless type, you may want to consider one of many ways you can make money this silly season without it feeling like working at all.

Sell your unwanted stuff

After Christmas and Boxing Day Sales, you could find yourself with a house full of brand new stuff, setting up the perfect scenario to sell all of the older items that have been replaced. Sites like Gumtree or Ebay can act as your online garage sale, or if you’re feeling protective you could start a private Facebook group to auction off your things to friends. You know what they say; one man’s trash is another man’s treasure and all that.


If you’re heading away on holidays or are feeling particularly hospitable, you might be able to consider putting your extra space up for stay on Airbnb. With the sun beaming down in December, it’s peak time for holiday-makers travelling all around the country, and there are loads of people looking for a place to stay, so why not make a bit of coin while you welcome someone to your local? If you’re not sold on the idea, there’s no long term commitment. Test it for a stay or two to see how you like it and go from there.

Make your money work for you

A high interest savings account is the chocolate on top of your savings-sundae. Interest is usually compounded daily and paid monthly and the great thing about high-interest accounts is you make money off your existing savings. Just quietly, if this idea floats your boat, check out Savings Maximiser account, which offers a pretty sweet rate and no banking fees.

Get digital

You might not be so keen on a summer job, but there are a bunch of start-ups that have created peer-to-peer services on demand and are really easy to get involved in. If you want to make a couple of extra dollars when it suits you, consider signing up to Pawshake, where you can pet sit or dog walk in return for a small payment; or maybe Airtasker is more to your liking, where you can pick up a whole range of odd jobs from local people looking for help. All of these will allow you to make the most of the sunny weather outdoors and explore some interesting opportunities, all the while taking it at your own pace.

Paid surveys

If you find yourself with a bit of spare time on your hands, participating in paid market research is an easy way to earn some extra cash simply by providing your opinion. Sessions typically take between half an hour to 1.5 hours, and all you have to do is answer questions about the products, services and offerings that impact the company’s advertising. If good communication skills are on your resume, this could provide a nice little holiday bonus for you.

The best part about the money-making opportunities widely available to most Australians is that usually all you require is yourself and an open mind. What’s more is that a lot of these offerings are geared towards those who prefer to dip the toe rather than jump right in, making it the perfect chance to explore what works for you while helping fund your summer fun. All in all, summer is a time for fun so if you’re going to get involved, just make sure it doesn’t feel like work!

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