Tips for Adding E-Commerce to Your Business

E-commerce can play a big role in the the success of a retail business.One of the biggest reasons e-commerce has picked up steam is the easy-to-use software that allow small business to set up an e-commerce section to their website… for cheap. Here's how to make sure your online presence measures up.

Here are some tips on how we go about making the experience of shopping online the same, if not better, than shopping in a traditional retail store:

1. If you're opening a retail business, immediately start an online presence as well.

You need to have both. If you aren't selling everywhere, that means someone else will be selling into your neighborhoods.

2. Start small.

If you're new to selling online, it can be intimidating to think about competing against national retailers. Start small instead. Use social media to target local customers and build up a base that way. Then, as you get more comfortable, expand your territory.

3. Express your personality on Facebook.

Facebook can be a great tool to target certain demographics. But you don't want to use it in a way where you're trying to sell someone all the time. Make your Facebook page more interactive, friendly and fun. That way someone will think of you when they need something.

4. Make sure your customer service measures up.

When you sell online, you have to devote even more energy and resources to providing customer service than even what you do in a retail shop. We have a full-time team that just deals with our online customers. You need to provide people with order information, tracking numbers and, if there's a problem, like something gets damaged during shipping, you need to provide a fast solution for that.

5. Take your time when it comes to growing your online sales.

If you grow too fast, and you screw up a bunch of orders, you'll hurt your business. Before you expand, make sure you have the infrastructure already in place. You need reliable shipping people. You also need a way to keep a sense of order in what could be a dramatic increase in sales. Coordinating logistics between your salespeople and your shipping folks is crucial. Can you handle an additional 50 orders a day? Who will pack those orders or take the phone calls concerning them? All of this has to be figured out before the orders start rolling in! If you don’t, you could get hurt.

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