4 More Ways to Skyrocket Your Productivity!

Being productive in your day not only makes you feel great (think happy endorphins), but it also has a tremendous impact on the operations of your business. now you can build on that with these extra tips below.

1. Outsourcing

Are you spending your time on revenue generating tasks? If we were to look at your to-do list for today what type of tasks would be on there? My guess is some of the tasks are not worth your precious time to be working on! Perhaps they’re admin related tasks that a virtual assistant could very easily complete for you. Really, if it’s not client work or a revenue generating activity it should be completed by someone else. Focus on growing your business.​

Cashflow can be an issue when considering outsourcing, but what’s the true cost? If you outsource a task, that takes your five hours but to the professional it only takes two hours, you’ve gained 5 hours to work on revenue generating activities! Perhaps your charge out rate is $150 per hour and the admin you just outsourced costs $50 per hour. Every time you complete one of these tasks you are effectively reducing your hourly rate. Outsource these tasks and focus on your area of brilliance!

2. Delegation

Are you a perfectionist who thinks that no one can complete a task as well as you? I imagine you have difficulty delegating to others as well? Perhaps you’ve even outsourced some tasks before, found it didn’t work and completed the work yourself? This is a very common occurrence. Tasks do not need to be perfect especially if they don’t have any impact on the performance of your business. Near enough is good enough.

Have you tried to hand over a task and assumed it just would be completed without sufficient instruction? Never happens that way does it? What if instead you hand over a system rather than a task? Develop a system that delivers the desired outcome and then delegate that entire system. When mistakes occur you will be able to determine at what point in the system that occurred and fix.

Delegation is a super important skill to learn and goes hand in hand with trust. If you don’t trust people to complete your tasks, develop a system and create checklists that allow you to review the process at certain points. This allows you to get comfortable with delegation as the system can be followed.

3. Bottleneck

Are you the bottleneck in your business? You may have become an effective delegator but perhaps projects are stopping with you because you’re too busy to answer questions and review work? The only way you can eliminate this factor is to remove yourself from the review process altogether if that’s possible. This requires a few things, effective delegation, handing over a system not a task and adequate training of the responsible person. Then get out of the way!

If it’s not possible to remove yourself altogether, schedule in a regular time in your calendar for review. Time in a calendar is holy grail and this will help you to stop procrastinating about this task.

4.Work at Your Best Time

Are you an early bird or night owl? Work at whatever time of day suits you best. If you’re an early bird, set that alarm and get to it! If you’re a night owl don’t set that alarm! Don’t try and kid yourself that you’ll get up super early, its just not going to happen! Stick to your night time.

Reading complex contracts at the end of your work day may not be the best way to understand it. Some tasks are best completed at the start of your day when you’re freshest. This could be 8am or 8pm, whichever is the “start” of your day. Work with how your mind works best.

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