Identify your skills needs

To help your business thrive and stay competitive, it’s important you and your staff have the right skills. Training is a great way to help you achieve this.

Check out our Skills and training information to help get your business on the right track.

Assess the skills in your business

A good first step is to assess the skills in your business so you can create a training plan.

A skills assessment of you and your employees can help you work out:

  • the existing skills and abilities in your business

  • areas where existing skills and knowledge could be improved

  • areas where you or your employees would like to gain new skills.

Talk to your employees about the sorts of skills they think might help them do their job more effectively.

Work out the skills your business needs

So you’ve worked out the existing skills in your business and what your employees are interested in. Your next step is to identify the skills your business needs.

It’s a good idea to refer to your business plan when you do this, because you should think about your future needs as well. (Don’t have one? Find out how to write a business plan now!)

You might also want new skills to improve existing processes. For example, if you manage your stock manually, but would like to make the process more efficient, you could think about training an employee (or yourself) in online stock management systems.

The gap between existing skills and the skills your business needs should be where you focus your energies.

Create your business training plan

Creating a training plan for your business can help you achieve your business goals. You’ll need to think about:

  • what your priorities are

  • how your skills gaps can be best filled

  • how much money and time you can invest in skilling up your business

  • what type of training your employees are interested in

  • what type of training is available in your area.

You should explore your training options when working out your training plan to make sure you’ve considered everything on offer, including formal training, apprenticeships and traineeships, workplace mentoring, government courses, and free online learning.

You may find that some gaps are best filled by hiring consultants or by employing new staff.

Create individual training plans with your employees

Once you have your business training plan, create an individual training plan with each of your employees to let them know you value their skills development. Once you have a plan in place for each employee, you can regularly review how their skills have improved and if there are further opportunities for development.

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