Pay slips

Did you know employers need to give all employees a pay slip within 1 working day of their pay day? Even when they’re on leave.

Pay slips need to have certain information on them and can be issued electronically or on paper.

Pay slips

Pay slips ensure that employees receive the correct pay and entitlements and allow employers to keep accurate and complete records.

When are pay slips given?

Pay slips have to be given to an employee within 1 working day of pay day, even if an employee is on leave.

How are pay slips given?

Pay slips have to be in either electronic form or hard copy. Electronic pay slips must have the same information as paper pay slips.

What has to be on a pay slip?

Pay slips have to cover details of an employee’s pay for each pay period. Below is a list of what to include:

  • employer’s and employee’s name

  • employer’s Australian Business Number (if applicable)

  • pay period

  • date of payment

  • gross and net pay

  • if the employee is paid an hourly rate:

  • the ordinary hourly rate

  • the number of hours worked at that rate

  • the total dollar amount of pay at that rate

  • any loadings, allowances, bonuses, incentive-based payments, penalty rates or other paid entitlements that can be separated out from an employee’s ordinary hourly rate

  • the pay rate that applied on the last day of employment

  • any deductions from the employee's pay, including:

  • the amount and details of each deduction

  • the name, or name and number of the fund / account the deduction was paid into

  • any superannuation contributions paid for the employee’s benefit, including:

  • the amount of contributions made during the pay period (or the amount of contributions that need to be made)

  • the name and / or number of the superannuation fund the contributions were made to.

Should leave balances be on a pay slip?

While it is best practice to show employee’s leave balances on their pay slip, it’s not a requirement. Employers do need to tell employees their leave balance if they ask for it.

Best practice tips

  • Issue pay slips in an easily printable format

  • Make sure employees can access and print their pay slips in private

  • Pay slips should be written in plain English that is simple to understand

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