Register your business name

Q: Do you know what is the most valuable asset to your business is?

A: Your business name. Choosing the right business name is important -not only does it identify you to your customers, but it differentiates you from your competitors!

Check out how to register your business name ?

Register your business name

A business name is simply a name or title under which a person, or other legal entity, trades.

It not only identifies you to your customers, but also allows you to differentiate yourself from your competitors and enables your customers to make an emotional connection to your business and brand. For many businesses, the name is often the most valuable asset.

Register your business name

If you haven't decided on a business name yet, read our How do I choose a business name? page for some tips.

When you must register

When setting up your business, if you choose to operate as a sole trader, partnership or a trust, and not as a company, then you will have to register your business name with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

If your business name is your, or your partner's, first name and surname, then there is no need to register.

How to register

All business name registrations are managed by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

The National Business Names Registration System replaces previous state and territory registers. You now only need to register for a business name with ASIC once, and it's registered nationally.

To register your business name, you need to have an Australian Business Number (ABN), or be in the process ofapplying for an ABN and not have been refused. ABN registrations are free.

Once you have an Australian Business Number, you can register a business name online. You can do this through the ABN application or through ASIC Connect.

Register your business name

Cost of registering

The fees to register your business name with ASIC include:

  • $34 for 1 year

  • $78 for 3 years.

Find out more about the business name payments and fees for registering or renewing a business name, and how to pay your fees on the ASIC website.

Previous state or territory registrations

If you previously registered your business name in more than one state or territory, all your business names have been transferred to ASIC's national business names register. Any of these names can be used to carry on business nationally. You may choose to keep one business name record (e.g. the one with the latest registration expiry) and allow your remaining business names to lapse by not paying the renewal fee.

If your business had an identical name as another business operating in another state or territory, ASIC will provide additional information on the public register to differentiate affected businesses. This may be the state or territory your business name was first registered in. This identifier doesn't form part of your business name, but is used to allow people to distinguish between identical business names on the public register.

Multiple business names

If you have multiple different business names, or also have a registered company, you are now able to align the renewal dates for those registrations. If you have multiple principal places of business across Australia, ASIC will notify you of which address it intends to use as the principal place of business for sending documents. You may nominate an alternative address for service through ASIC .

Renewing a business name

ASIC will notify you - usually within 28 days to two months of your renewal due date.

You can renew your registration through ASIC Connect. Renewal notices will be sent by mail to the address for service of documents for your business. You can check your business name details by searching ASIC Connect to see what address is recorded.

If you don't renew your business name registration on time there are no late fees; however the registration of the business name will be cancelled if the renewal fee is not paid by the due date on the invoice. No extensions will be granted.

If you don't want to renew your business name, you don't need to do anything when you receive your renewal notice. The business name will be cancelled after the renewal date if no action has been taken to renew the name. You can also cancel your business name at any time.


For questions about registering, renewing, updating, and cancelling business names in Australia, visit the ASIC website or call 1300 300 630.

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